Hey guys! Please take your time and enjoy reading this blog. Please feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge. They are all of high quality. For my Muslim friends, rest assured that food shown in this blog are all Halal. Worst comes to worse, they come from shops which do not use pork or pork lard as an ingredient. That, i very well guarantee! :)

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We have a strong passion for food! We cook, we eat, we even sleep food. We've been fat, thin, fat again n thin back because of food. ( -_-") This blog is to dedicate our happy journey together in the world of food and hopefully to share our culinary experiences with others. For food tasting invites, drop us an email at dark_cloud_abu@hotmail.com


1)Please be informed that some posts do not have sufficient details such as shop picture or price of food as those pictures were taken way before we decided to make this food blog.

2)Besides providing gps coordinates, shop location is also available for viewing on GoogleMaps. Simply click the location tab located at the very bottom part of each post.

August 13, 2011

Thank You Viewers!!

First of we would like to thank all our friends and family who supported us in making this blog! The starting process wasn't easy. We never thought we would EVER make a blog H-A-H-A. But the satisfaction gained from expressing ourself on a completely different medium makes everything worthwhile. Hope we can keep this up and spread our food idealogy to the forseeable future. Till then, please continue to support us! Here are the results from our little promotional act (Nasi Kandar Week) for the launch of this blog on 8/8/11.

1410 pageviews in 5 days
 The image is taken as of 13/8/11 at 12:32pm. Minus off 7 views from this morning, that's 1410 views in 5 days. I might be new to this, but I think that's pretty good right? hehe. Thanks very much again for all your support and we will be back posting regular updates next week! Love you all =)
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  1. congrates babe. been proud of you, baru mula follower dah 90? hehe keep it up guys!

  2. Thank you siti, you are one of the 90, most importantly one of the first!! Love you mucho lah ;))

  3. Hello Abu & Dila.

    Yes, this is George typing. Congratulations there guys for the views. I always knew you guy/girl(?) could do it. Keep it up anyway. You know that I will be one of your loyal readers. *tunduk hormat*

    Abu,hah. Aku dah follow(finally!). After this I won't be left out of updates. LOL!

  4. Mr George! Haha thanks bro, u knw we are ur fans right back! Kasi aktif balik blog tu hehe n rajin2 la rekomen aku tpt mkn. Will credit ur name in my blog siap link ke page fb ko lg haha

  5. heheh. yeah. thanks a bunch.
    tapi tu lah. to start blogging back, i'd have to have tons of time dulu. let's see how it goes. :)
    oh yeah, nanti aku jumpa tempat makan best i'll roger you guys. ;)

  6. Ok bro no prob. Jz promise that the first blog u post will be about my blog haha alright man, thankx for the help! =)


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