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February 14, 2012

Seremban 2 Seafood Steamboat & BBQ @ Seremban 2

Here is a post about another veteran shop in Seremban. Mr Foodpacker and his family have been customers of this restaurant for years. It is one of the first established steamboat joint to ever hit the town of Seremban (Pork-free for the very least) Long ago before Jusco Seremban 2 was even built, the land used to be a driving range. Directly opposite it was where this humble steamboat restaurant used to be. Mr Foodpacker could still remember the countless visits he and his family has paid this shop, most of the time, after his father was done playing golf. But that was ofcourse, a very long time ago.. it has now relocated to a new 2-storey building located not far from its original spot.

Prices are as follow:
Adults = RM20
Seniors (Aged 55 and above) = RM16
Children (Aged 5 to 10) = RM7

Its own gated building. Used to be attached to the side of Seremban 2 sales office. Operational hours: 6pm to 11pm daily.

An open environment that allows the free movement of smoke (from the steamboat, not your cigarette! FYI they don't allow smoking here. Talk about Southern "family" hospitality! Way to go Serembanians!) They also provide an indoor air conditioned seating, but they are mostly used only for functions. As you can see, the tables are far apart from one another (unlike other steamboat restaurants in KL) which provides you with extra comfortability to roam around and get your food.

All-you-can-eat buffet. Ranging from grilled items (meat and seafood) to steambot items. In our experience, it is single handedly the longest strech of food in a steamboat buffet we've ever seen. (Not sure if this shop is too generous, or other shops are too stingy..) Like they have advertised - "120++ varieties of food to choose from!" Click picture to enlarge.

Other than that, they have many selections of uncooked items such as noodles (even Udon! T_T y u so kind), eggs, corn and fresh vegetables. For cooked items, they have fried rice, fried beehoon, some wantons and not mistaken, we even spotted some big oysters! Also, did we forget to mention? The drinks are free!!!!!!!! (Where in the heck people give free drinks in a steamboat restaurant??!!! highly rare and unlikely we say!) They come in flavors of concentrated orange, rose syrup and chinese tea. This is the first shop where we saw a huge self service ice compartment too. You can either put in your glass or even in those small classic buckets which we always see at a steamboat shops.

Some highlights of the shop.. Quail eggs (telur burung puyuh) In 2 variant we might add, normal and not sure what the other one was but if we took a wild guess, it might be tea eggs. If you are a fan of quail eggs, you MUST come here. Only a real fan would know how expensive these things are and how difficult it is to find them as a part of a buffet! (No kidding) Most of the other steamboat restaurants we went to, either did not provide them or provide the unpeeled version of them so you would have to take the shell off yourself. (Trust us, it is a very tidy process and we stopped after peeling off just 10 of them)

Another item that other steamboat restaurants don't normally serve.. Lamb (if you can spot it, most top rack on the right below the bar. Others are selections of chicken from blackpepper to curry and wings) Its unlimited baby! So go ahead and take any amount you want! Don't worry, they will refill them if it's empty. =D

A small sample of what we took.. garlic chicken, prawn, wings and Mrs Foodpacker's favourite, sliced fish! (Best cooked in pot, instead of grill. Not sure what type of fish it is but it has all been white in colour XD)

The necessities needed for a Masterchef. On left: Butter for grilling. On right: fragrance sauce, pepper and soy sauce (kicap) for porridge. 

You have the choice to pick the soup you want. Either it is a half-half or one full pot of chicken soup and/or tomyam soup (No extra charge) Let the feast begin! A friendly tip: Always grease the grill pan with butter first to make sure the food doesn't stick. But you have to be careful not to put in too much butter as it will create a small pool at the corners of the grill (seen in bottom left picture) that tends to explode and pops small amounts of hot oil at you. Also do pay attention at Mrs Foodpacker's fish grilling artistry on the bottom right picture ;)

A perfectly cooked chicken wings and a not so perfect chicken cube.. Both are our favorite "greasy" dish from this restaurant haha Goes well with fried rice too!

And ofcourse Mr Foodpacker's and ALL of his brothers childhood favourite.. Lamb lamb lamb lamb lambbbbb! (Yup, they normally take 5-6 plates full of lamb all to themselves) There's nothing much we can say about it.. (besides most are attached to bones) It tastes freaking awesome! The marinate used on the lamb makes us speechless, it doesn't matter how you cook it as long as you have it on the grill for 5 minutes, it comes off from the plate tasting perfect! This is truly the main benefactor of why Mr Foodpacker and his family revisited this restaurant many times when he was small and it still tastes as tasty as how it used to be even after all these years.

This is the fun and easy part of the visit. Do REQUEST for a porridge together with your soup as it is part of the deal! (No extra charges. But if you do not want to have porridge, the charges will still REMAIN the same. Adults = RM20 etc) This is a new addition to the menu and our first thought on this was, "This is the most value for money steamboat restaurant we've ever been to! =D" You can't get a good deal such as this anywhere else!

The end result. A tasty looking thick porridge with quail egg and many delicious ingredients inside. =P~ *slurpp* A few tips to make a fantastic porridge Mr & Mrs Foodpacker style: 

1)Dump in any ingredients you like especially chicken cubes, spinach, golden mushroom and most importantly an excessive amount of quail eggs!!! P/S: take lots of green veggie, it will melt and taste good in the porridge later ;)
2)Add in the right amount of fragrance sauce, pepper and soy sauce to your liking. Fragrance sauce is the key here, so put a lot of them!
3)Don't adjust the level of the fire (just leave it as it is) and close the lid. BUT remember to open it up and steer every 5 minutes (very important so the rice doesn't stick and burn at the bottom. it will affect the whole taste of the porridge) 
4)After approximately 30minutes, off the fire, open the lid and leave the porridge to dry for 5minutes to achieve its most desired level of thickness.
5)Everything will be mushy and blend together nicely now. So scoop it into your bowl and enjoy! =)

Polar ice cream. Our favourite is durian flavor! As it reminded us most of the "roti ais krim" we used to order from the ice cream man as kids.

Dishing it out: Personally, we think that this is the best value-for-money and the most complete steamboat restaurant out there. RM20 for Steamboat, BBQ and Porridge + free drinks + lamb + peeled quail eggs + udon + oysters? A similar shop in Klang/KL would normally cost around RM25 offering less items and no drinks. Heck we've been to a steamboat restaurant that charges us for the amount of utensils we use! Some even charge for tissues! But at S2 Steamboat and BBQ, rest assured there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES. However, if you'd like to drink something else than the fixed selection of free drinks, you can order a big jug of fresh juice that costs RM10 to share with everyone =D

p/s: If this shop was to operate in KL, it would immediately run out of business as it'd be swarmed with customers.

Coming back for more value: ABSOLUTELY YES
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: CLEAN

Service: VERY GOOD here is another worthy mention. Unlike every other shops, the staffs here are VERY helpful and friendly. They would come to check your table from time to time. Just to make sure your food is not overcooked/burnt, the fire level is alright and that you don't forget to steer the porridge =P You don't even have to do or say anything to them, simply watch them as they go to work!


GPS Coordinates: N2.695226,E101.914455

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If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

Tel: 012 266 7293 / 012 776 4065

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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