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August 8, 2011

Fareed Line Clear Nasi Kandar @ Sg. Buloh (EXTENDED)

This post is a part of "Nasi Kandar Week" in accordance with Mr & Mrs Foodpacker's official launch, where we try to find out which shop serves the best nasi kandar in KL/Klang area. Click the link below to view the Top 5 and the winner of nasi kandar supremacy!

There are TWO (2) parts to this post. 
Part 1: The Stall
Part 2: The Restaurant (newly opened)

Part 1: The Stall

The newcomer in the battle for nasi kandar supremacy this year goes by the name of Fareed Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Don't mistaken it for Line Clear in Penang as this has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Maybe they plagarised the word "line clear" to get more 'ongg' for business. But whatever the reason is, it surely is working..

Situated beside a road with no actual brick and mortar, this shop often gets its visitors from truck drivers and factory workers. You will encounter many big trucks on the road as you make your way there. Max waiting time- 10minutes only. Operational hours: 11.30am- 3pm. Closed on Sundays.

Their eating area is covered by canopy. If it rains, they will take one of the unused canopy to cover the queueing line. Doesn't apply for sunny days, so bring you own umbrella unless you want a free tan.

As you are queueing, you are able to smell the delicious fragant coming from their fried chicken.

Unlike other nasi kandar served with white rice, Fareed's is yellow in color. Herbs and tomatoes are spotted in the mixture.

Most selection of dishes I've seen so far. They have sotong, big fish, daging manis, crabs, prawns and most importantly my telur ikan! =D

Papadom, telur ikan, daging manis, ayam goreng berempah with bumbu and sayur kacang. RM6.50. The chicken is not too small nor too big that it preserves its taste. Daging manis is tender and tastes great. The curry mixture is the best among all nasi kandar shops so far and they are quite generous with its quantity. The only negative thing I have to say is, the rice is a little bit soggy.

Papadom, two ayam goreng berempah with bumbu and sayur kobis. RM7.50. Unlike Raihan or Zainul this bumbu is not salty at all making it the best bumbu of all three! Highly addictive. This is the TRUE ganja.

Dishing it out: After eating there, it became on of my instant nasi kandar favourite below Line Clear in Penang. Though the taste is not the same, but it does come close :) After I was done, I felt like I wanted another plate. That's how good it was. No wonder TV3 hired them as food caterer for some of their shows. Total damage was RM16 with two drinks at RM1 each.

Coming back for more value: ABSOLUTELY YES
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: MODERATE i saw them reusing some of the dirty plates as they only have to put a layer of plastic on top of them to serve the rice
Service: VERY GOOD they gave me free papadom for the journey back home! =D

GPS Coordinates: N3.23194,E101.56196

View Fareed Line Clear Nasi Kandar in a larger map

If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

Part 2: The Restaurant

We were surprised to know from their facebook page (which they had newly created) that Fareed Line Clear Nasi Kandar has now opened a new brick and mortar restaurant of their own! (business must be good) So we've decided to check them out, being such big fans from our first memorable visit to their stall.

It is located not too far away from their stall in Sg. Buloh. When you are exiting the stall (not restaurant), you would notice a long winding road right ahead of you. That is where it is situated a little further to the right. Similarly if you are coming from the main road, instead of turning right to enter the parking of the stall, make a right turn instead to the winding road and the new restaurant shouldn't be too far ahead on your right. (It is literally around 200-300meters away only) Operational hours: 7am to 12pm daily. Closed temporarily on Friday 12.30pm to 2.30pm for Friday prayers.

Still sticking to their yellow nasi kandar roots. No lines seen here, maybe it was not peak hour yet.

Like its stall, it is still serving one of the most complete array of nasi kandar items. They have almost everything one can as for. Chicken, beef, fish, fish head, squid, prawns, crab (u name it) all cooked in more than 1 cooking style! Click picture to enlarge.

Oh yeah! Mr Foodpacker's favourite fish egg!

Freshly cooked fried chicken. This time brought all the way from the kitchen at the back. No more live cooking demonstration =P

Unlike the Fareed Line Clear stall, you are able to choose from more than just 2 or 3 selections of drinks. Thank God!

Now they can afford the luxury of providing more seats! If you are not in the mood to eat nasi kandar, now you can order any other dishes from the kitchen too! Eg: Tomyam, tandoori, fried rice/mee, rojak, nasi lemak, roti canai (i think you get the idea) Sort of like a fusion between a nasi kandar and a mamak restaurant!

The outside seating. Just in case you come on a Friday and the shop is about to close for Friday prayers, the outside seating will still be available to you. You don't have to rush your meal.
Plate 1: Ayam goreng and sayur kubis. RM5. Being a person who does not favour sweet meals, Mrs Foodpacker had requested her dish to be without sos kicap. (If you do not like sweet meals too, don't forget to remove the kuah ayam masak merah from the equation as well as it is also sweet  =P) Nonetheless, it was clearly an honest mistake by the staff and the manager was nice enough to replace her rice with a completely new plate without additional charge =)

Plate 2: Two pieces of ayam goreng, sayur kacang panjang and extra rice. RM8.50.

The much needed papadom. A plate of nasi kandar would not be complete without these!

Anyone up for desserts? They serve donuts here too XD

Dishing it out: The difference we saw in the system as compared to its stall is that you do not pay immediately for your food right after you pick them. The person who takes your food is not the same person who prices them. There is a certain degree of weakness that we saw in this system, whereby the person who comes to your table to calculate how much your plate costs, does not necessarily know what you have actually taken. For example, during our visit they did not notice our additional order of chicken and extra rice on Plate 2, until we called them over to correct the receipt.

Without a doubt, this new restaurant boosts more seatings and extended hours to get your dose of nasi kandar. It is more convenient to the customers as it is more comfortable and they can order more food and drinks aside from the regular nasi kandar. However, if you are a raw and hardcore nasi kandar fan like us, we still prefer to eat at their stall more as it provides a better environment (the mamak element is not there) and "feel" to eat nasi kandar. Then you are truly ready to enjoy a plate of nasi kandar like a real enthusiast =)

Coming back for more value: YES
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: MODERATE
Service: VERY GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.22922,E101.56211

View Restaurant Fareed Line Clear Nasi Kandar in a larger map

COMPLETE ADDRESS: No 1, Jalan BRP 8/1d, Bukit Rahman Putra, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia.

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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