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August 17, 2011

Mille Crepe @ www.humblebeginnings.com.my

Tired of buying the ordinary sponge cake, ice cream cake, cheese cake, or mousse cake for your beloved's birthday? Perhaps you are looking for something out of the ordinary to make the already special occasion a little more special.. then give Mille Crepes a try!

Humble Beginnings is a made-to-order cake maker. There are many pick-up points around Malaysia, all you have to do is order online or give them a call. Min- 3days in advance. Note: Picking your cake from pick up points is free, but additional charges are applicable for door delivery. 
French vanilla mille crepe. RM68. Regular 8 cuts.

Fresh out of the package. Take your time and breath in the vanilla fragance.

Mille crepe = A thousand crepe. Layers and layers of thin crepe with fresh creme and vanilla custard in between. Truly enchanting.. Best served cold.

Taking off the first layer of caramelized crepe! only the fist layer is caramelized.

Swiss chocolate velvet mille crepe. RM72. Regular 12 cuts.

Chocolate cream + chocolate chunks under each slice of thin crepes.

Overflowing chocolate cream..
Under certain slices lies small bits of chocolate chunks.

Matcha latte. RM104. Large with white chocolate shavings.


Red bean is one of the main ingredient besides matcha creme.

Dishing it out: Personally, we think that the french vanilla so far is the best flavour of the three. Swiss chocolate velvet is good for those who want more taste and chunk in their cake as french vanilla tastes pure and sweet. The matcha latte contains just a little bit too much red bean in it that we could not enjoy the taste of the matcha creme. It would be one of my favourites if they could tone down on the quantity of red bean by a considerable amount =) To make an order, just visit their website.

Tips: Mille crepes are also available independently at certain cafe outlets, however most are sold by slices. Purchasing it by slices would not guarantee the same creamy and moist texture due to extended air exposure. Thus, it is recommended that you purchase them from Humble Beginnings as it is also a cheaper and fresher option.

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