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January 30, 2012

Delicious by Ms. Read @ Sunway Pyramid (EXTENDED)

We were first exposed to this restaurant at One Utama. At that time as we could recall, it was called "Ms Read's Cafe". It was not that easy to forget as it was located right beside of Ms Read's fashion boutique, but due to unknown reasons it is now named as "Delicious" (can't say that we disagree with the decision XD but it might be because the cafe is a collaboration with her son and he'd like to create his own distinctive brand)

Our first impression was, it had comfy seating, felt homely, serves good desserts and was packed with customers during the weekend. As delicious as the name suggests, this restaurant displays a lot of its tasty desserts (whichever is still available) for your eyes to feast upon, even before you are escorted to your seat. Be sure to pick the one you fancy most and order them right away to avoid others from snatching them away haha

One of many new Delicious branches which spread fast and vast throughout KL/Klang in 2011. Operational hours: 10am - 10pm daily.

Delicious is also known for its beautiful interior design. You just can't help but to feel relaxed by the ambiance created from all the unique decorations.
 Different branches seem to use its different surroundings to their advantage. So far we are impressed with the decorations we saw at Mid Valley branch and the newly opened Penang branch which faces the ocean (Straits Quay) looks to be quite promising too ;)

Watermelon and lychee blast. RM9.90.

Four cheese macaroni. RM21.90. Consisting of mozzarella, guyere, parmesan and white chedar cheese. Not exactly the portion size we were expecting for the price and Mr Foodpacker was clearly shocked when he saw this being put on his table as he gave the "Is this enough? =O" expression on his face haha That was the case in a glance but once he has tasted it.. it was a completely different story! You can taste all the 4 different types of cheese in it clearly, each of its taste are well defined and it works so well for an exceptionally cheesy dish! The top part was crispy as well adding a little texture to the creamy, moist and cheesy center filling. The salad was not just for show too. It was very fresh and crispy!

Aglio olio spaghettini. RM15.90. Add shitake mushroom & sundried tomato +RM7.90. Add beef bacon +RM7.90. Add seafood +RM8.90. In this picture is with added beef bacon, thus the price is RM23.80. Despite the small portion (again) this dish was spectacular! The perfect mixture of oil and herb with a VERY generous of added beef bacon. This dish instantly turned Mrs Foodpacker into a any-pasta aglio olio fan.
Carbonara spaghettini. RM24.90. Contains oyster mushroom, beef bacon, oregano and cream. We got to admit, this is the highlight and the come-back-for dish of the shop! It is very creamy and very cheese. If you noticed, those are chunks of sliced cheese on top of the pasta! Generously spread together with a balanced amount of bacon, you won't find yourself limiting its amount of intake as it is enough to last till the last strand of spaghetti! The presentation is good as well, it is not simply thrown on the plate, instead it is rolled into the center part of the plate and results in all of the small spaghetti stands to united as one. That is how a classic plate of paste should be served and THAT is what we call culinary art. One of the best carbonara pasta we've ever tasted ;)

Nasi kerabu with ayam percik. RM23.90. Served with ulam, salted egg and keropok (there is also kerabu hidden below the keropok) This is one meal we didn't expect to find in the menu. A shop simply can't have a too diversified menu and be good at all of them. Thus the reason why this nasi kerabu was a let down. First off, the rice is not in blue and eventhough the chicken was big, it did not taste like how a real authentic ayam percik should taste like. Still, it is a filling dish for big eaters.

Sambal udang tumis. RM29.90. With achar jelatah, steamed rice and beef serunding. The prawn size is HUGE if you consider the ones you can normally find in KL. It is not too spicy and has a strong nice sambal taste. Prawn shells are peeled off so there is no hassle in eating. The prawns are really strong and pack a punch!

Masala lambshank. RM30.90. Served with nasi pilaf, cucumber raita and papadom.

Thai style steamed seabass. RM22.90. A simple dish with rice and asian greens.

Berrilicious chocolate pavlova. RM13.90. We are big fans of the Pavlova cake from Serai @ Empire, so when it comes to this one we had our expectations pretty much parred. Unlike the one from Serai that has a soft texture inside and hard texture outside, this pavlova is hard all around so we kind of prefer Serai's better. It could be due to its limited small size, but nonetheless it is still a good pavlova dessert compared to other shops!
Chocolate brownie. RM12.90.  Flooded with chocolate sauce and melted with vanilla ice cream. Very sweet. Possibly the best ice cream brownie one could find. It is as delightful to the mouth as it is a delight to the eyes. You can start drawing patterns once the chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream are mixed together haha If you are not a fan of nuts, stay away as there is A LOT of them in this one =P

Marmalade bread and butter pudding with custard sauce. RM11.90.

Flourless orange cake with vanilla ice cream. RM11.90. This was just and okay dessert. You ought to try something different.

Dishing it out: We believe that the real reason as to how Delicious is able to attract its costumer is by serving okay food with good desserts in an excellent environment. (kinda sums it up in 1 sentence haha) Perfect usage of its surrounding resources to create a one of a kind ambiance where people can meet up with ease and enjoy each others company for celebrations or gatherings or simply to eat their FANTASTIC pasta.. IMHO the carbonara n aglio olio spaghettini are enough to make you come back as a regular customer =)

Coming back for more value: YES solely for its pasta!!
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.072745,E101.607267

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If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

Tel: 03 5631 8181

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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January 26, 2012

Eden (Oriental - Dim Sum) @ KLIA

[Additional info: They charge RM6 for ground nuts given at the start of meal and RM5 for cold tower given after the meal.]

I can't remember when was the first time I saw this shop. There was once a branch in Subang Parade which has now closed down and the only remainder is the one from Penang (at Hutton Lane & Batu Ferringhi) which serves a completely different cuisine (Western) But for frequent air travelers, I'm sure they are quite familiar with this restaurant if they ever stop by KLIA. Being one of the best (and exclusive, just look at its price!!!) restaurants on the departure deck to get good quality food, this restaurant has stood its ground since the early years when KLIA was newly built!

Eden has gone through a little renovation recently to better accommodate customer with a newly built lounge. Cozy indeed. Operational hours: 6:30am to 11pm daily.

The not really "outside" seating where most customers prefer to dine. Eden is well known for their selection of Dim Sum. Rather than going through the menu, they would put a few Dim Sum samples on your table for you to choose from. The Dim Sum vary from fried and steamed variety.

Fried rice with crispy fine dried scallops. Small RM28. [Medium RM42.] Large RM56. The name is like a beautiful melody which sings to our ears. The taste? You can bet it's as nice as it sound!

Stir fried kailan with garlic. [Small RM30.] Medium RM45. Large RM60. Who knew a simple kailan dish can cost up to RM60? haha If you can look pass the price this is actually a pretty good dish, thanks to the surprisingly mashed, tender and creamy garlic which looks and taste as soft as potato! We were truly amazed by how soft the garlic were and they are just a pleasure to taste in your mouth!

Stir fried sliced tenderloin with crispy almonds. Small RM58. [Medium RM87.] Large RM116. One of the most expensive dish in the restaurant, and for a good reason too. For one, it a tenderloin cut and the other.. those are freaking almonds man!!! haha not your regular nut but it combines well with the beef and in time, you'll find yourself looking for any remaining almond to eat with its succulent beef. Truly one of a kind dish.

Baked fresh ruby prawns with creamy butter sauce. Small RM55. [Medium RM85.] Large RM110. This dish, despite the price, is just an okay dish. Everyone knows once you've tasted any butter dish from Gold Chilli, there will be none that is better XD The prawns are medium in size, and we requested them to peel of its skin for ease of eating. The butter sauce was small in quantity and it tasted quite light with not much taste. On a side note, we've also tried the "crispy" butter prawn (dry version) and it was 10x better than this.

Dishing it out: Undoubtedly the only thing that turns off the beautifully named dishes in this restaurant is its highly overrated price. But one could not expect less for the level of service and environment provided. Don't forget the fact that most shops tend to sell their products at a slightly more expensive price in airports (Airport price as they call it). This one is not excluded. Though we did not post pictures of Dim Sum in this post, let me assure you that they serve one of the best we've tasted. A few highly notable ones that we could remember are Chee Cheong Fun, Shark Fin and Shrimp Dim Sum and there were a lot more which we can't seem to recall their name.

Coming back for more value: YES when we have the $$$$$
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: 2.754605,101.705114

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If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

Tel: 03 8787 3812

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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January 15, 2012

Bubur Berlauk Kampung Baru / KB Tomyam & Seafood @ Kampung Baru

Nobody wants to get in the mess of Kg Baru. The roads are small, there are many one way streets, simply too many cars and the parking is OMG unbelievably hard to find! But one can do so much to avoid all the tasty treats this infamous location has to offer. From all the tomyam restaurants available in Kg Baru, this particular one is known for their Bubur Berlauk aka Porridge with condiments. (if you tried to search for one, you'll know how hard it is to find for a shop which sells this item)

Note: Price is mention as an overall from the visit

The easiest place you could find a parking is a RM5 pay park located nearby at the same side of the road as this shop. Find for the "Parking RM5" sign. Operational hours: 12pm - 1am

The easiest way to identify the shop is to find a blue signboard above and array of "lauk" that is facing the street. The staffs were very humble and friendly when we asked if we could take pictures of the shop. Can I say Southern hospitality? ;)

Click picture to enlarge. Choose choose choose! Anything is up for grabs! Some required to be cooked and fried in the kitchen while others are just cut and served the way they are. Cooking only takes a little while around 5 minutes or so.

Bubur. Unlike bubur from other shops (Suraya Seafood etc) this one has texture and not too watery. It is a little thick and tastes good. Safe to say you won't feel like eating rice with water.

Kailan ikan masin with oyster mushroom. My favourite lauk to go with bubur! Think it looks good? Wait till  you taste it. The mushroom definitely gives a good touch to the dish.

A mixture of 2 types of sotong kering, daging salai and ikan masin. The sotong kering was not that good and we were unable to finish it. The rest tasted great.

Mixture of ikan bilis cili api, lobak manis, daging manis and paru berlada. Love the daging manis the most! IMHO the best lauk to go with the bubur! Sweet tender awesomness. The lobak was nice too.

All the condiments in one bowl. Time to feast!

Dishing it out: So far the best restaurant to find bubur berlauk. Everything blends well as a dish and it was simply tasty. The total damage for all the items above (2 bubur) plus 1 juice and 1 ice lemon tea = RM19.50 I think it a small sum to pay for what you are going to eat. This is Malay cooking to the roots, "kampung" style =)

Coming back for more value: YES
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: MODERATE
Service: VERY GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.16220,E101.70392

View KB Tomyam & Seafood in a larger map

If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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Suraya Seafood @ Kampung Baru

Another shop which offers nasi bubur berlauk in Kg Baru is Suraya Seafood. It is located only a few steps away from Bubur Berlauk Kg Baru. This shop is well known for many of their offerings such as nasi dagang, pulut mangga and kerang bakar to name a few. Note that this particular post only covers their bubur berlauk, thus it might not speak much volume of the real quality of the shop =)

Note: Price is mention as an overall from the visit

The place is occupied more by customers consisting mostly of families and students. Seems like a pretty famous local spot! Operational hours: 7.30pm-12.30am for Tomyam. 1am-8am for Nasi campur.

The array of condiments to go with your bubur. Grab what you like and give them to the girl behind the counter and they will prepare them for you.

Okay, this bubur is different from the one tasted in Kg Baru in terms that this one is water based. (nasi berair) I personally prefer the one at Kg Baru better as it had more flavour and texture. Though I understand that most shops serve their bubur this way, i just couldn't escape the feeling that I am eating rice with plain water =P

Kailan ikan masin! Must go dish with bubur.

Daging manis. IMO didn't taste as good nor as tender as the one from Kg Baru.

Ikan bilis cili padi and Paru sambal.

Dishing it out: Total damage was around RM12 with drinks. As compared to Kg Baru, this shops has its equal pros n cons. Some condiments tasted better in Suraya while same tasted better in Kg Baru. But when it comes down to the most important ingredient of a nasi bubur - the bubur IMHO Kg Baru gets the win. Looking at how this restaurant is always full and its pretty hard to get a seat at times, i am sure there are other delicacies this shop has to offer in their seafood cooking. We have yet to try them and we saw a few good candidates such as their udang tepung to try out! Maybe on or next visit ;)

Coming back for more value: YES for their Tomyam dishes
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: BELOW AVERAGE
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.16217,E101.70495

View Suraya Seafood in a larger map

If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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