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January 26, 2012

Eden (Oriental - Dim Sum) @ KLIA

[Additional info: They charge RM6 for ground nuts given at the start of meal and RM5 for cold tower given after the meal.]

I can't remember when was the first time I saw this shop. There was once a branch in Subang Parade which has now closed down and the only remainder is the one from Penang (at Hutton Lane & Batu Ferringhi) which serves a completely different cuisine (Western) But for frequent air travelers, I'm sure they are quite familiar with this restaurant if they ever stop by KLIA. Being one of the best (and exclusive, just look at its price!!!) restaurants on the departure deck to get good quality food, this restaurant has stood its ground since the early years when KLIA was newly built!

Eden has gone through a little renovation recently to better accommodate customer with a newly built lounge. Cozy indeed. Operational hours: 6:30am to 11pm daily.

The not really "outside" seating where most customers prefer to dine. Eden is well known for their selection of Dim Sum. Rather than going through the menu, they would put a few Dim Sum samples on your table for you to choose from. The Dim Sum vary from fried and steamed variety.

Fried rice with crispy fine dried scallops. Small RM28. [Medium RM42.] Large RM56. The name is like a beautiful melody which sings to our ears. The taste? You can bet it's as nice as it sound!

Stir fried kailan with garlic. [Small RM30.] Medium RM45. Large RM60. Who knew a simple kailan dish can cost up to RM60? haha If you can look pass the price this is actually a pretty good dish, thanks to the surprisingly mashed, tender and creamy garlic which looks and taste as soft as potato! We were truly amazed by how soft the garlic were and they are just a pleasure to taste in your mouth!

Stir fried sliced tenderloin with crispy almonds. Small RM58. [Medium RM87.] Large RM116. One of the most expensive dish in the restaurant, and for a good reason too. For one, it a tenderloin cut and the other.. those are freaking almonds man!!! haha not your regular nut but it combines well with the beef and in time, you'll find yourself looking for any remaining almond to eat with its succulent beef. Truly one of a kind dish.

Baked fresh ruby prawns with creamy butter sauce. Small RM55. [Medium RM85.] Large RM110. This dish, despite the price, is just an okay dish. Everyone knows once you've tasted any butter dish from Gold Chilli, there will be none that is better XD The prawns are medium in size, and we requested them to peel of its skin for ease of eating. The butter sauce was small in quantity and it tasted quite light with not much taste. On a side note, we've also tried the "crispy" butter prawn (dry version) and it was 10x better than this.

Dishing it out: Undoubtedly the only thing that turns off the beautifully named dishes in this restaurant is its highly overrated price. But one could not expect less for the level of service and environment provided. Don't forget the fact that most shops tend to sell their products at a slightly more expensive price in airports (Airport price as they call it). This one is not excluded. Though we did not post pictures of Dim Sum in this post, let me assure you that they serve one of the best we've tasted. A few highly notable ones that we could remember are Chee Cheong Fun, Shark Fin and Shrimp Dim Sum and there were a lot more which we can't seem to recall their name.

Coming back for more value: YES when we have the $$$$$
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: 2.754605,101.705114

View Eden @ KLIA in a larger map

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Tel: 03 8787 3812

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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