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October 3, 2011

Yuri Japanese Restaurant @ Allson Klana Seremban (EXTENDED)

Mr Foodpacker and his family have long known this restaurant (since he could remember, say 7-8 years) and he has paid quite a considerable number of visits throughout the years. Safe to say, it is one of his favourite places to have dinner with his family everytime he comes back during the weekends. Some people say that this restaurant is "the best japanese restaurant in Negeri Sembilan" and it is quite hard to argue with that as there are not many of them in this state. The restaurant is quite small but they have 4 private Tatami rooms (where you seat on the cushioned floor with a hole to put your legs below) that are suitable for family gatherings.

The entrance which is sort of hidden below the stairs right before the hotel's coffee house.

The normal seatings. The ones to the back is near the sushi bar where you can see the chef prepare freshly made sushi for you.

Tatami rooms require you to take off your shoes. Good for a little privacy with no extra charges ;)

Multiple awards throughout the years.. proves that this restaurant is very underrated!

Kani tanuki salad. RM15. Consists of crab meat, tempura crumbs, topped with fish roe. The tempura crumbs make this a crunchy and delightful appetizer!

Unagi maki (Eel). RM30. One of the best the restaurant has to offer. The chef wasn't feeling too generous that night so he gave us thin spreads of mayonnaise. Normally it's pretty thick. A+ for taste!

Yuri maki (Prawn). RM25. Mr Foodpacker's other must-order sushi to go with eel sushi. The taste is a little lower than Unagi maki but the crunchiness of the prawns makes it an enjoyable meal nonetheless. Again not to generous with the mayonnaise there. After requesting the chef to add more, the sushi came back with another line of thin mayonnaise. Guess that must be one heck of an expensive mayonnaise.

Sashimi shake (salmon). RM44. Nigiri (a smaller potion). RM18. Trust me, I've been to Rakuzen, Sushi Zanmai, Jogoya, Sushi King and Sakae Sushi and NONE of them taste as good as this! It is very fresh (the orange texture speaks a lot of its level of freshness) and dare I say it, milky to some extent. Absolutely marvelous!!!
Ebi tempura (Prawn). RM30. Mr Foodpacker's mum's favourite when she's on a diet =P

Tori katsu (chicken). RM22. Just an okay dish. Comes with sweet sauce to overcome the dryness.

Yakitori (chicken skewers). RM11. Just a normal appertizer dish and FYI the lemongrass is not edible.

Genkikara tahu. RM25. Huge tauhu(s) inside.

Kaisen tofu. RM18. An instant hit with Mr Foodpacker's family. Gone in a few minutes. Better than Genkikara tahu above.

Garlic fried rice. This comes with the set meal. One word "FLUFFY". This is what all of Mr Foodpacker's family members are looking forward to the most to eat in this shop! 1 fluffy garlic fried rice is normally not enough for each of them (his brothers especially) and they tend to add extra orders. Truly wholesome.

Sirloin beef teppanyaki course. RM48 with rice (above), chawan mushi, salad, miso soup, fried beansprout, and watermelon fruit. The gravy of the beef is simply heavenly (wish they had put more) and the beef is very tender to perfection. The fried onions also helps to add a delightful crunchy texture to the meal. Highlight of this restaurant! A++ for taste! =D
(This dish is cooked using a slight amount of white wine, if you are a Muslim like we are, do request them to cook WITHOUT the wine)

Tempura soba. RM29. A beautiful clear soup garden-like delight. Look at all the fresh ingredients in there harmonizing as a whole. Better eat the prawns fast (or put it aside) before it gets soaked and lose its crunchiness.

Matcha ice cream. RM8. This beats every other ice cream brands out there in terms of green tea flavour (beats even Hagen Daz IMO) The staff said that this is home-made and its powder is brought all the way from Japan. The white threads of 'seaweed' (that's what they said it is made of) is an unusual compliment to the ice cream. Another signature of this shop and another must try!

A matcha green tea for everyone. Ended up ordering 2 more and the staff was nice enough to give it FOC! though it came in smaller portions, we would have gladly paid for the bigger ones. XD

Dishing it out: Given the lack of Japanese restaurants in Negeri Sembilan, this is truly one of the best (if not the best) Japanese restaurant in the state. Every meal is authentically Japanese and they were able to maintain the high quality over the years. They also serve buffet on Sundays from 12pm- 2.30pm. This is the time when it seems the place is full so do make a reservation. Buffet is around RM50++ increased to RM55++ / RM63.80 nett for adults, but i think it'll be worth the price as rumor says they serve huge slices of all you can eat unagi!

Coming back for more value: YES
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD but it is hard to get their attention to add additional orders sometimes, especially if you are sitting in the Tatami room. So just clap your hands if they can't here you. That's the Japanese way.

Category: HALAL/PORK-FREE  okay, this is slightly confusing. When we asked the manager whether the restaurant was Halal, she told us that it is and they had acquired the certificate. But when we asked if any types of wine, liquor or sake were used in the meals, they told us that they use it on only 1 dish. Which is the beef teppanyaki. If you'd like further clarification regarding this matter, do give them a call at their number below =)

GPS Coordinates: N2.721676,E101.951044

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If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

Tel: 06 762 9600 / or call the front desk and ask them to connect you to Yuri at 06 766 7888

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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