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September 29, 2011

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September 19, 2011

Another milestone reached!!

Before we say anything.. HAPPY 1-MONTH ANNIVERSARY to Mr & Mrs Foodpacker food blog!
Thank you for all your support thus far! This blog would not be up and running until now if it wasn't for your support! Family and friends, don't be shy to give us a shout-out in the chatbox whenever you visit. We would love to know who reads our blog ;)

5,000 pagviews in 1 month 10 days
The image is taken as of 19/9/11 at 05:09pm. During the early stages of creating this blog, we made a promise to ourselves that -when we finally get our 5,000th pagview- is when we would officially establish ourselves as serious foodbloogers. So far, we have recieved numerous enquiry phone calls, food tasting invites and restaurant suggestions/introductions! so i guess we are pretty much in the game XD hope that all of you will continue to show your support for our blog as we continue to spread good food around for you to eat! Thanks again!!

Here is our next future objectives:
Create a Mr & Mrs Foodpacker page on Facebook after getting 10,000 pageviews.

p/s: and with that i present to you.. the total pageviews counter is now ACTIVATED! (most bottom section of the right column) start counting! =D
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September 18, 2011

William's Corner @ Kelana Jaya / Taman Mayang Petaling Jaya (EXTENDED)

Credit to Kokure Arill for the recommendation and introduction.
Credit to Aqil Roosely, Athirah Huda and Shafiq Kamaruddin for the recommendation.

We first heard of this place a while back before we finally decided to give it a visit. Word-of-mouth was, "this places serves a huge platter of Nasi goreng ketam!" and "the meal looked like it was meant for 3 so I took half an hour to finish it..". Other things that were said, "it does not have a proper premise" and "it is right beside the road". Well, all we can say is that the first half is true, and the later is not so true anymore. They DO serve big portions of everything and they DO NOT locate by the side of the road anymore as they have now relocated to a new permise.

A little interesting info regarding the owner, William is of baba nyonya descent and he also has a smaller brother by the name of Murni who also happen to own a restaurant by the name of "Murni Discovery" which is quite famous too. The difference being, Murni is a franchised restaurant. From what we saw, William is a huge cat lover and a friendly person. But it takes a little while to warm up to him and his sense of humour. Haha. You can tell how passionate he is of what he does, just by looking at his meals. Also he does a massive CRM at work. Don't know what it means? Google it.

There is no signboard that carries the name of the restaurant. Your safest bet is to search for the big green chalk board. Most seatings are outdoor. The indoor is fully occupied by their kitchen. If it rains, your option is to sit below the building or under the umbrellas provided (four of them) Operational hours: 6pm- 3am.

Eventhough this restaurant applies the open air mamak system, the prices (click picture to enlarge) on these board certain are not of mamak standard. Think of it as mamak shop environment meets high class western cuisines. They do not have a menu, so if you are not clear what to order take your time and enter the shop to read the menu first.

Hattan, a local artist (singer) was spotted at the scene. A weird / magnificent thing about this shop is that when you order through William, he seems to remember every single order without writing it down even if you come with a family of 6-10 people. We saw it with our own eyes. He shouts the order to the kitchen and somehow his staffs too seem to get every single order. Talk about an experienced crew!

Beverage menu. (click picture to enlarge) Most of the highlights come from the 'Blended' section.

Soda herb. RM8. A spectacle to the eye, a wonder to the mouth. A friend of ours said "looks like an aquarium". Consists of serai, sour plum, lemon, mint leaves and lotsa lotsa lychee. Must order! Nothing like you have ever tasted before.
Ribena lychee. RM8. The name says it all. And as you expected, it is sweet. This product resembles the one from Murni! ;) 

Nenas asam boi with rambutan. RM8. As complicated as it sounds, even the waiter came back and asked us to repeat what we ordered. Tastes sweet and some of the rambutans have pineapples in them! Advicable to stir before drink as the asam boi tend to clog at the bottom.

Kedondong asam boi. RM8. Sweet and sour sensation. We prefer this than the nenas asam boi as the taste was much more simple and not too complex.

Anti Pesto. Premier (Full). RM50. HUGE. We though this was an appetizer. LOL. It is overall a whole-hearty dish consisting of hotdogs, salami, pepperoni, chicken wings, sliced smoked duck, beef(2 medium ones), lamb(2 big ones), ribs(2 big ones) and finally mashed potatoes in the middle. For the quantity you are getting, it is quite worth the price! A meal like this in any western restaurants such as TGIF or Tony Romas would have easily cost up to RM80-RM100. My advice, strictly for sharing. Taste wise, everything tasted just okay individually. We prefer to have more bbq sauce on the ribs.

Meatball carbonara. RM20. HUGE. Biggest bowl of pasta we've ever eaten. The spagetthi is literally "bathed" in carbonara sauce. IMO the sauce was tastless and had a funny texture. It did not have that level of freshness in it. Might be due to fasting month busy-ness. Other than that, the meatballs are fantastic!

Nasi goreng ketam. RM25. HUGE. This dish is like a mountain of rice topped with crispy soft shell crab. Definitely a must try if you come to this restaurant. Almost everyone seem to order it. Just hope that you get a big plate so they can maximize the amount of rice for you. We were not so lucky as we came during break fast(it was during the Ramadhan month) and they were running out of the usual big plates, so they served our nasi goreng on a smaller plate instead. Smaller plate = lesser quantity. We have to say that we were quite dissapointed looking at other customers getting HUGE nasi goreng ketam and ours was just medium. =(

Gouda cheese naan. RM10. William said "kalau nak perempuan suka, kasi makan Gouda. nanti dia tergoda." NICE. haha. 2 layers of naan filled with cheese in between accompanied by butter, caramel and chocolate sauce. Both sauces are mixed with condensed milk thus giving it the thick and sticky texture.  Trust me, the naan is already good by itself, but it would taste much better if you mix it with all 3 condiments together. =D

Butter noodles with beef bacon and grilled ayam pandan. RM20. The ayam pandan is one of the best we've ever tasted. Trully delicious. Don't expect the noodles to taste like butter just because of its name, it tastes of sos kicap with a lot of spicyness towards the edge. A REALLY spicy meal due to the cili api.

Nasi mandy with harissa chicken and morrocon chicken. RM30. A dish for big eaters. Or you can share.
Basmati rice was used. Comes with 2 vegetable dishes. IMHO, the rice lacks in flavour and the fullfillness you get when eating a mandy rice. But it was fulffy enough that we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Harissa (black seasoning) = Garlic sauce. Morrocon (red seasoning) = Paprika sauce. Spicy. Both were well cooked and grilled to perfection.

Vanilla panna cotta. RM10. Served cold with chocolate caramel sauce. An awesome dessert! Somehow the taste and shape reminded us of ricotta cheese. (which was used during our experiment of baking lasagneXD)

Dishing it out: As you can see, everything is HUGE in this shop from the drinks to pasta and grilled items. It is rare that you can find a shop that has both -Quality- and -Quantity- checked in BOTH their meals and beverages. The variety/food combination also makes it more interesting. Just be careful not to overwork on the Quantity side (which you would be prone to given the serving portion) as the law of marginal utility is highly at work here. The meal taste great and of high quality, but the more you taken in the Quantity the less of Quality you seem to enjoy. Get it? We only disovered this after visiting the shop for the 2nd time and we found that the best way to enjoy William's meal, is by SHARING. =)

The service is lightning fast over here (food arrived less than 5 minutes after being ordered) which brings me to one concern, the dishes were not freshly prepared. They might have precooked them and just reheat them before serving. That would explain my slightly cold carbonara and mixed grill. Only the nasi goreng ketam was warm and it came late, indicating they were fresly cooked. Hopefully, this type of service only last during the fasting month as it is understandable to precook a large amount of food to cater the large number of guests catching time to break fast. We were also glad to find out that all of the meals were freshly prepared during non-fasting month period. Props to them.

Coming back for more value: YES this place brings so much wonder you can not help yourself to come back. Will try their Aglio olio pasta and nasi goreng risotto. Yes. Risotto.
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: MODERATE

GPS Coordinates: N3.11637,E101.60490

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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Homst @ Kota Damansara

Homst Restaurant is allerged to be one of the best Chinese Muslim restaurant in Klang area. It is located in Damansara's eating hotspot where Big Brother also resides. Who knew there are so many nice places to eat in Damansara. lol Try circling around the commercial area and you would find a variety of good franchised restaurants to have a meal at. Anyway, this post is particularly about Homst, so let's get down to business..

Not too hard to find a parking here. Operational hours: 8am- 10.30pm.

Chinese themed interior and an open air seating concept. There are many table shapes and sizes to suit the number of pax you bring. The staff was nice enough to give us the 4-seater table as we order A LOT of food during that visit. (which was during fasting month, so it is highly understandable :P)

Ribena special. RM5. Contains chunks of watermelon and lychee. We found it just a little bit sweet to our liking, but thats what additional orders of iced water are for.

Chinese fried rice. RM6. This is worth the money as there are many chunks of chicken and pieces of prawn inside. The taste is just alright.

Taufu (small). RM8. Our favourtie food condiment to go with every chinese meal. The gravy of the taufu is very good and it helps to give moisture to our fried rice.

Butter prawn (small). RM18. The prawns served are medium of size. Quite generous on the amount of egg floss but unfortunately it lacks of taste. (unlike the floss we tasted from Bamboo Garden which was filled with rich sweet taste!)

Sambal fish (kerapu). RM34 (seasonal price). The most memorable dish from this restaurant. Eventhough we asked for sambal fish, this actually tasted more like sweet and spicy. Nonetheless, very CRISPY and tasty! Highlight of our visit.

Sizzling beef (small). RM14. You would be amazed of how soft and tender the beef is. A must try for its wonderful texture. Another highlight of our visit.

Wet buttered chicken (medium). RM17. After tasting the butter chicken from Gold Chilli, nothing compares to it. This one does not come close. Somehow the gravy tasted like gulai masak lemak. The chicken were not well diced too (you can see they simply cut it in any shapes and sizes they want)

Put all those on a plate of rice and this is what you get. A masterpiece of tasteful delight.

Dishing it out: It is hard to find a good and quality Chinese Muslim food out there. Homst gives the Muslim community an opportunity to dine on the many range of chinese cooking under one roof. So be sure to give it a try! You never know if you'd fall for one of its dishes, as there are simply too many to try. :) Don't believe me? Check out their extensive menu.

Coming back for more value: YES for Sambal fish and sizzling beef
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.15227,E101.59113

View Homst in a larger map

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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September 8, 2011

Well Cook Gourmet @ SS14 Subang Jaya

Laksa is honestly one of the food we both used to hate as children, even up till now Mr.Foodpacker still do not favor it that much.. until we found this eatery in Subang Jaya that goes beyond the ordinary laksa. A fried one aka Fried Laksa!

Mind the Chinese writing, this place does not serve pork or lard. :) Operational hours: 12pm- 9pm daily.
Popiah. RM5. Tastes like the one from Sister's Popiah minus the crispy bits and add more thinly sliced fresh sengkuang.  It was once taken off from the menu, but due to popular demand the restaurant brought it back. Good appertizer before the main dish.

Fried laksa. RM 6. This is the star of the shop. For those who are not a fan of the normal laksa due to the strong fishy taste, this might be your best substitute. It contains all the main laksa condiments like torch ginger, cucumber and pineapple . The difference are the use of mint leaves instead of laksa leaves (daun kesum) and eggs are added to bring that yummy eggy taste (like char kuey teow). The noodles used are thick, springy and fresh. Taste a little bit like dry fried kuey teow, only better!

Claypot chicken Rice. RM 6. The whole dish taste rather bland. Our advise would be to add the soy sauce provided and mix it well with the chicken and rice. An average meal.
The take-away version of the fried laksa. Look at how well the noodles stick to one another? slimey and yummy. Be sure to mix the whole thing up before you eat! A perfect harmony of laska ingredients. =)

Dishing it out: The fried laksa tastes really good and we highly recommend it to everyone, you might prefer this version of the laksa instead of the soupy one! The taste won't let you down. The popiah as well is a good dish, though some may consider it pricey it is definitely worth the money.

Coming back for more value: YES for the Fried Laksa
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.06792 E101.59275

View Well Cook Gourmet in a larger map

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 ..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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Mali's Corner@ Danau Kota

Credit to Kucai Kuaci for the introduction.

After hearing so much about this place through the tv and friends, (also because we are Char Kuey Teow and Nasi Lemak lovers) we decided to give this one a try. Mali's Corner at Danau Kota, Setapak. Located in one of the happening area of Kuala Lumpur, this shop never seems to stop welcoming their customers even till late in the morning. Mali's corner also benefit from its strategic locations of being just across the street of the mid-night bazaar in this area (Uptown Danau Kota).

Always full. Operational hours: 6pm- till late

Ridiculous and inconvenient self service system. You order food at 1 counter and drinks at the other. They have a total of 3 counters. Talk about a messed up system, or maybe they are just too lazy to care about the long queue. Some people are even blocking the queue as they have to wait for their order. This also creates confusion as to which is the waiting line and which is the ordering line. *stress*

Char kuey teow special (extra prawns). RM7. Large RM5.50. Small RM4.50. Having tasted the tasty and authentic Penang CKT from Ismal Char Kuey Teow , we set our expectation a little lower for Mali's Corner. However, the taste did not fail us at all! Infact it exceeds our expectations of finding the same quality as Ismal's CKT. This CKT is perhaps the best we have tried and to some extent it is better than Ismal's due to it slightly subtle taste of cockles. The gravy is very addictive, a balanced taste of sweet and spicy.

A more focused view with flash. 8 prawns spotted in CKT special. Large only has 3 prawns. The only let down was they were not generous on the quantity of the kuey teow. You would expect more for the price you pay.

Nasi lemak ayam. RM 5.50. Nasi lemak telur RM3. Biasa RM2. We have so far tasted two of the best nasi lemak from Nasi Lemak Ampangan and Darussalam SS15. Expecting this to be the same, however was frankly a let down. The chicken is overcooked, the sambal tasted like chilli sauce mixture, very sweet i might add and the rice portion is so small (I do not think this shop is known for their generousity)

Dishing it out: If you are going to make it worth your trouble, paying for the parking (if you park in its taipan-like compound) and the utterly inconvenient and confusing queuing system.. be sure to order a lot of their CKT. It is a must try and simply one of the tastiest in KL. Do not waste your time on the nasi lemak. As we were also upset to have to queue again to order the drinks, we ended 'outsourcing' our drinks from Ani Sup Utara (another shop nearby).

Coming back for more value: YES definitely for the CKT
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: QUITE BAD

GPS Coordinates: N3.20714,E101.71897

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 ..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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September 7, 2011

Gold Chilli @ SS15 Subang Jaya

After living in Subang for more than 4 years, and thousands of times passing/parking across this shop, we didn't know that Subang's precious jewel (and best kept secret!) was right infront of us. It seems that this place has been famous for a few years now. Getting visitations from many local artists such as Yuna [who happen to own a fashion shop nearby called "I Am Jet Fuel"] and DJ Nas-T. They are the ones we've seen with our own eyes, while Altimet recommended this place on Foursquare and Bunkface owns a studio nearby on one of the upper lots, who knows who you might meet when you dine here.. Gold Chilli gets most of its customers from Malay and Chinese demographic.

The shop is quite easy to miss due to the very tight alley you have to go through with your car and many cars following behind. Parking is hard to find during peak hours, but you can settle for pay carpark at the MPSJ market nearby. Operational hours: 12am-12pm. Closed on Sundays.

Butter chicken. RM8. Set with rice and tea RM10.50. See the gold color in there somewhere? (you kidding?) and the chilli leaves? Hence the name Gold Chilli.

Butter chicken boneless. RM 9. Set with rice and tea RM11.50. Boneless is MUCH better as the normal chicken contains a lot of not edible and hard rock annoying bones. The butter sauce comes in generous portions every time.

Honestly the BEST BUTTER CHICKEN in the world. THE BEST! BEST! (could we be any clearer ) The creamy, sweet and milky butter sauce is one of a kind (you'll want to order extra sauce! which will cost additional RM2 =P) Unlike other butter chicken sauce this one doesn't make you feel like vommiting after consuming too much. Infact it's the direct opposite, you will crave for more.

Butter chicken boneless (Large) RM16. Not worth the money. The quantity of chicken given is not much different from the normal boneless chicken. You might as well make two orders of Normal RM9.

Assam fish. RM9. Set with rice and tea RM11.50. Besides serving butter chicken, they make other dishes such as these too. Just in case you get bored eating the same awesome thing again and again. This is Mrs Foodpacker's personal favourite! =)

Dishing it out: Don't be fooled by the apperance of this shop. For the price you are paying, it feels like you are dining in a fine cuisine restaurant. A little bit overpriced but if you really love it, 2 words.. GIVE IN. Hands down the best butter chicken you can find in Malaysia. THE BEST!
p/s: most of the friends i recommended this place to said they would definately come back again.. only after their first visit!

Coming back for more value: ABSOLUTELY YES
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: MODERATE

GPS Coordinates: N3.074459,E101.586703

View Gold Chilli in a larger map

If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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