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July 24, 2011

Nasi Lemak Ampangan @ Seremban

Despite the awesome taste of their nasi lemak and being one of Mr Foodpacker's favourites.. this shop seem to be CLOSED most of the time when we plan to visit. In our experience, out of 10 times we tried to eat there.. 6 times they were NOT operating. Mostly during the weekends, which is bad considering that is the time when people are normally free. So if you plan to give it a visit, please do so at your own risk. Good luck.

Who does not love to eat nasi lemak in Malaysia? It is one of those food which symbolises harmony among the different races in this country as it is eaten by everyone regardless of time and place. We eat it in the morning, afternoon, evening, and even at night. Considered one of the main causes which leads to obesity (and also a sleeping pill, u eat it, u feel like sleeping right after..) have led the government to banning/limiting the sale of of nasi lemak in schools. Nasi Lemak Ampangan gives us an exact idea of why they should be banned.. because they are so darn AWESOME!

Situated at a location that is hard to find, the only clue that marks where the shop is, is the billboard of a furniture shop. Find the billboard and you will find the shop. I've been living in Seremban since small and though i've passed this road countless times, I didn't know it existed till some friends of mine brought me there. Operational hours: 7pm-late midnight(2-3am)

Nasi Lemak Ayam. RM4. Picture above is with extra chicken, add RM3 for small or RM4 for big piece of chicken. The chicken is o-so-soft and crispy. Chicken skin lovers, you don't wanna miss this.. The sambal is sweet and not so spicy while the sayur kacang adds texture and fresh green flavour to the dish. A heavenly combination indeed.

Dishing it out: This shop IMO is the best nasi lemak shop i know so far. Some shops use 'pelaris' to make customers come back, but i assure you, you will come back for this one purely for its taste! Will always visit this shop everytime I get back to Seremban and tapau at least 3 additional chicken ontop of the nasi lemak ayam! (I know this isn't a healthy lifestyle choice but I can't help it) Only setback is, the shop is a little stingy with the quantity of sambal and sayur kacang. C'mon, I mean how expensive can sayur kacang be? Besides that, be sure to wear long pants to this shop or you will get bitten by mosquitoes. An important tip, they seem to be closed whenever they feel like it, so if you are coming from far be sure to ask relatives nearby if they are open as about 30% of the time, they are closed.

Coming back for more value: YES
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: MODERATE
Service: BAD (not friendly nor productive.. I asked for additional sayur kacang and i repeated to the uncle THREE times to make it clear to him, still the order didn't arrive. Exception goes to the owner of the shop as he is quite friendly and productive in doing his work)

GPS Coordinates: N2.72668,E101.969261

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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  1. damn abu, skrang pkul 2.48am. Kat Kemaman ni mane nak cari nasi lemak skrang.. (-_-") for ur info, im crazy about nasi lemak dude.. (*_*)

  2. Haha naise.. kalo camtu yg ni must try bro. Kt subang pon ade satu. Ble aku post t aku kasi tag ko skli :D

  3. Nice. Complete with coordinate. Im traveling from trg and craving for n9 food as I was once lived here when studying.

  4. Still exist till today.Just ordered my nasi lemak ayam.Thank author.Keep on sharing


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