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July 21, 2011

Asia Cafe @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Asia Cafe, a food court oriented food gallery that is popular among locals consisting of college students, working adults, families, football freaks, pc gamers, foosball/pool players and also pirated dvd sellers! Infamously closed down by MPSJ for not meeting the minimum health requirement countless of times, this food court remains as one of the best spot in subang jaya to find a variety of food in one place.

Tropical delight. RM8.50. Honeydew, mango and dragon fruit juice. They have more 3 juices combo just like this!

Melon cooler. RM8.50. Watermelon and lychee. This drink is better than Tropical delight as it is easier to drink thanks to its lite texture. Very refreshing and breezy! Highly recommended.

Crispy chicken rice with additional chicken. One of my favourite college pastime.. remembered ordering 3 packs of this for take away just for me. I was at Obesity Level 2 at that time! LOL

Takoyaki. RM4.50. Mixtures of octopus, prawn and crab. The size of the takoyaki and its filling are small but it makes up with its quantity. Mine without wasabi please!

Grilled Chicken Fish. It does taste a little like chicken if you ask me. Best selection of fish as it doesn't have many bones.

Dragone (medium). RM17. From Pizza Brava booth. A pizza like dish, only it is wrapped with all the ingredients inside. Min waiting time 20-30 minutes. If you are in a hurry, avoid getting this. The shell is hard but once you crack it open, soft cheese starts to flow out of it. The sauce is okay but sometimes a little sour. You will need it if you can't handle the cheese. Eventhough there are limited chicken ham and mushroom inside, the excessive amount of cheese makes it an awesome dish!

Dishing it out: The fish shop located right opposite the sushi bar is one of the best seafood stalls in Asia Cafe. Certain types of fish gets Buy 1, Free 1 deals but not for chicken fish. It would normally cost around RM20 for one. Crispy chicken rice is highly in demand in Asia Cafe, the priced used to be RM4.50 until it went up to RM5.50 and parachuted to RM6.50 currently. [Update: current price RM6.90]

Coming back for more value: YES (for crispy chicken, chicken fish and oversized fruit juices)
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: Underneath your tables are normally clean but kitchen? who knows
Service: MODERATE (make sure to check your beverage bills before you pay!)

GPS Coordinates: N3.074631,E101.590437

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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  1. my favorite dating place. haha. bro, you missed the seafood stall at the mid section. should have tried their 'kam heong'. but if parking gives you problem, just go to the other asia cafe at kota damansara. more relaxing ambience.

  2. Which shop sells Crispy chicken rice?


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