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July 22, 2011

Mama World @ Seremban 2 (EXTENDED)

[We've received some complaints that, this shop does not consistently serve its array of food everyday. They might serve more dishes on certain days as compared to others. If you are coming from far, give this number a call to avoid any disappointment- 0136489158]

Being born and bred in Negeri Sembilan, I am bestowed with the ability to endure and withstand the spiciest meals presented infront of me. Masak lemak cili api aka masak gulai is one of Negeri Sembilan's signature dish. It has a milky and creamy substance but tastes spicy at the same time. Though throughout the years there aren't too many estabilished masak lemak cili api shops in Negeri Sembilan,(besides Nelayan) recently, there is an emergence of a new contender from Seremban 2 which looks to be quite promising. The shop is called Mama World.

Mama World. 11am-9pm for Negeri Sembilan cooking. 11am-12am for Western and Thai cuisine.
An array of dishes from goreng berlada to tempoyak gulai lemak. Click picture to enlarge.

The gulai selections. Click picture to enlarge.

Other condiments and vegetable selections. Click picture to enlarge.


Ikan keli salai masak lemak, rendang pucuk maman and tempoyak pucuk ubi(in green). Ikan keli was big but it was a little salty, rendang tastes good but sadly the maman factor was nowhere to be found and the tempoyak pucuk ubi was very good! Overall the gulai(yellow sauce in pic) tasted good as it wasn't too spicy.

Daging salai masak lemak, hati lembu with sayur kacang, gulai siput and rendang pucuk ubi(in black). Daging salai is the standout dish of the shop, very soft and tender. Tasted very nice. Nelayan you have a new competitor in this one! Siput and hati was normal while the belacan(in red) was too overwhelming. A decent surprise here is the rendang pucuk ubi, this is the first time i tasted it and it was very nice. =D Something like serunding. Second standout dish.


Tempoyak gulai lemak, kentang tempe goreng berlada and ayam salai masak lemak, On this plate we took two types of gulai: one from masak lemak ayam and the other from masak lemak ikan. Both of us agreed that the gulai from masak lemak ikan tasted better as it had more taste to it.

Keli salai masak lemak and tempoyak gulai lemak. We absolutely loved the tempoyak! Mrs Foodpacker also spotted some daun kunyit in it, not to mention a durian seed too ;) This time, the keli was not salty but it was cooked rather too crispy without the slight tenderness that we would prefer to find.

Dishing it out 1st visit: As compared to Nelayan, this shop lacks the variety of gulai masak lemak offered by Nelayan such as daging rusa, and ikan sungai to name a few. But it also has some item that Nelayan does not offer, so it is worth to check them out. Most of the items were finished after 2pm as customers come for lunch after Friday prayers.(we went on a friday) We didn't get the chance to taste their ikan jenahak masak gulai as it was finished and they didn't seem to refill what was gone. For all the items above, we paid a relatively cheap amount- RM21 considering if we were to order the same items above with lesser amounts in Nelayan, it would have cost us easily around RM30-RM40.

Dishing it out 2nd visit: We paid them a visit on a Saturday at around 1pm. At that point of time, most of the food were either gone or they didn't prepare much dishes on that day. Our favourite dish, daging salai was nowhere to be spotted, not to mention our rendang pucuk ubi too! =( So we took the courtesy to ask the owner of the shop about the rendang pucuk ubi and he was more than happy to fill us in on our inquiry. It seems that it takes up to 8 hours to cook the rendang! Thus the reason why they are unable to serve them everyday. As demanded as it is, they even receive orders from Dubai for them. No fret though, as he also added that during the month of Ramadhan (fasting month), these pucuk ubi are cooked everyday and are sold at the Bazaar Ramadhan right opposite of their shop at Seremban 2! All items on our 2nd visit with a glass of juice and two iced water cost RM14.  

Coming back for more value: YES for daging salai masak lemak and rendang pucuk ubi
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N2.683298,E101.904609

View Mama World in a larger map

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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