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July 21, 2011

Ayam Penyet Best @ SS15 Subang Jaya

[We have recently visited Ayam Penyet Best (10 September 2011) and we regret to inform you that it is no longer the same shop as before. The ayam penyet is different in texture, size and taste. Same goes for the sambal belacan. The quality of the food seem to have dropped considerably too. E.g. the quantity of the soup in pucuk ubi masak lemak has decreased. The whole experience was dissapointing as it felt like the dish was prepared by an entirely new chef. It is possible that a different management has taken over the business.]

[After another visit recently in the month of Dec 2011, we are happy to inform you that eventhough the place is under a new management, the quality of their cooking are back to normal! (Maybe they hired back their old chef lol) That means they still serve the best pucuk ubi and ayam penyet in town :)]

Ayam penyet is an Indonesian cuisine brought to Malaysia not many years back ago. I got my first exposure towards ayam penyet when Mawi World AF served it as a meal for his wedding reception. lol. Though percieved to be a famous meal in Indo, it does not seem quite so when I asked some of my Indo friends.. They said it's rather a normal dish in their country.
A very soft *smashed* chicken (u can even eat its bones) served with kangkong, tauhu and tempe eaten together with sambal belacan. It is not a dish for those who can't "take the heat" as it is very spicy! I normally eat it until i get flu, watery eyes + my face turns red. One of the spiciest dish i've ever eaten n yet i never fail to finish the sambal belacan each time :D

You will need all these to survive the sambal

Ayam penyet. RM8. Set with rice and drink RM9.90. Don't judge me, I'm an addict. The cripsy flakes on the chicken really add crunchiness to the meal. It tastes just right not too oily or salty!

Pucuk ubi masak lemak. RM4.50. Best compliment to go with its dry rice. Our personal favourite!

Dishing it out: The best ayam penyet shop for me so far. Beats franchised chains such as Ayam Penyet Ria. And if you like their crispy flakes (their staff call them "Crispy crispy" =P) don't be afraid to ask for more as they are quite generous in giving u another bowl full of it!

Coming back for more value: DEFINITELY YES
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: VERY CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.075799,E101.58886

View Ayam Penyet Best in a larger map

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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