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September 18, 2011

Homst @ Kota Damansara

Homst Restaurant is allerged to be one of the best Chinese Muslim restaurant in Klang area. It is located in Damansara's eating hotspot where Big Brother also resides. Who knew there are so many nice places to eat in Damansara. lol Try circling around the commercial area and you would find a variety of good franchised restaurants to have a meal at. Anyway, this post is particularly about Homst, so let's get down to business..

Not too hard to find a parking here. Operational hours: 8am- 10.30pm.

Chinese themed interior and an open air seating concept. There are many table shapes and sizes to suit the number of pax you bring. The staff was nice enough to give us the 4-seater table as we order A LOT of food during that visit. (which was during fasting month, so it is highly understandable :P)

Ribena special. RM5. Contains chunks of watermelon and lychee. We found it just a little bit sweet to our liking, but thats what additional orders of iced water are for.

Chinese fried rice. RM6. This is worth the money as there are many chunks of chicken and pieces of prawn inside. The taste is just alright.

Taufu (small). RM8. Our favourtie food condiment to go with every chinese meal. The gravy of the taufu is very good and it helps to give moisture to our fried rice.

Butter prawn (small). RM18. The prawns served are medium of size. Quite generous on the amount of egg floss but unfortunately it lacks of taste. (unlike the floss we tasted from Bamboo Garden which was filled with rich sweet taste!)

Sambal fish (kerapu). RM34 (seasonal price). The most memorable dish from this restaurant. Eventhough we asked for sambal fish, this actually tasted more like sweet and spicy. Nonetheless, very CRISPY and tasty! Highlight of our visit.

Sizzling beef (small). RM14. You would be amazed of how soft and tender the beef is. A must try for its wonderful texture. Another highlight of our visit.

Wet buttered chicken (medium). RM17. After tasting the butter chicken from Gold Chilli, nothing compares to it. This one does not come close. Somehow the gravy tasted like gulai masak lemak. The chicken were not well diced too (you can see they simply cut it in any shapes and sizes they want)

Put all those on a plate of rice and this is what you get. A masterpiece of tasteful delight.

Dishing it out: It is hard to find a good and quality Chinese Muslim food out there. Homst gives the Muslim community an opportunity to dine on the many range of chinese cooking under one roof. So be sure to give it a try! You never know if you'd fall for one of its dishes, as there are simply too many to try. :) Don't believe me? Check out their extensive menu.

Coming back for more value: YES for Sambal fish and sizzling beef
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.15227,E101.59113

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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