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We have a strong passion for food! We cook, we eat, we even sleep food. We've been fat, thin, fat again n thin back because of food. ( -_-") This blog is to dedicate our happy journey together in the world of food and hopefully to share our culinary experiences with others.


1)Please be informed that some posts do not have sufficient details such as shop picture or price of food as those pictures were taken way before we decided to make this food blog.

2)Besides providing gps coordinates, shop location is also available for viewing on GoogleMaps. Simply click the location tab located at the very bottom part of each post.

September 19, 2011

Another milestone reached!!

Before we say anything.. HAPPY 1-MONTH ANNIVERSARY to Mr & Mrs Foodpacker food blog!
Thank you for all your support thus far! This blog would not be up and running until now if it wasn't for your support! Family and friends, don't be shy to give us a shout-out in the chatbox whenever you visit. We would love to know who reads our blog ;)

5,000 pagviews in 1 month 10 days
The image is taken as of 19/9/11 at 05:09pm. During the early stages of creating this blog, we made a promise to ourselves that -when we finally get our 5,000th pagview- is when we would officially establish ourselves as serious foodbloogers. So far, we have recieved numerous enquiry phone calls, food tasting invites and restaurant suggestions/introductions! so i guess we are pretty much in the game XD hope that all of you will continue to show your support for our blog as we continue to spread good food around for you to eat! Thanks again!!

Here is our next future objectives:
Create a Mr & Mrs Foodpacker page on Facebook after getting 10,000 pageviews.

p/s: and with that i present to you.. the total pageviews counter is now ACTIVATED! (most bottom section of the right column) start counting! =D
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