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September 7, 2011

Gold Chilli @ SS15 Subang Jaya

After living in Subang for more than 4 years, and thousands of times passing/parking across this shop, we didn't know that Subang's precious jewel (and best kept secret!) was right infront of us. It seems that this place has been famous for a few years now. Getting visitations from many local artists such as Yuna [who happen to own a fashion shop nearby called "I Am Jet Fuel"] and DJ Nas-T. They are the ones we've seen with our own eyes, while Altimet recommended this place on Foursquare and Bunkface owns a studio nearby on one of the upper lots, who knows who you might meet when you dine here.. Gold Chilli gets most of its customers from Malay and Chinese demographic.

The shop is quite easy to miss due to the very tight alley you have to go through with your car and many cars following behind. Parking is hard to find during peak hours, but you can settle for pay carpark at the MPSJ market nearby. Operational hours: 12am-12pm. Closed on Sundays.

Butter chicken. RM8. Set with rice and tea RM10.50. See the gold color in there somewhere? (you kidding?) and the chilli leaves? Hence the name Gold Chilli.

Butter chicken boneless. RM 9. Set with rice and tea RM11.50. Boneless is MUCH better as the normal chicken contains a lot of not edible and hard rock annoying bones. The butter sauce comes in generous portions every time.

Honestly the BEST BUTTER CHICKEN in the world. THE BEST! BEST! (could we be any clearer ) The creamy, sweet and milky butter sauce is one of a kind (you'll want to order extra sauce! which will cost additional RM2 =P) Unlike other butter chicken sauce this one doesn't make you feel like vommiting after consuming too much. Infact it's the direct opposite, you will crave for more.

Butter chicken boneless (Large) RM16. Not worth the money. The quantity of chicken given is not much different from the normal boneless chicken. You might as well make two orders of Normal RM9.

Assam fish. RM9. Set with rice and tea RM11.50. Besides serving butter chicken, they make other dishes such as these too. Just in case you get bored eating the same awesome thing again and again. This is Mrs Foodpacker's personal favourite! =)

Dishing it out: Don't be fooled by the apperance of this shop. For the price you are paying, it feels like you are dining in a fine cuisine restaurant. A little bit overpriced but if you really love it, 2 words.. GIVE IN. Hands down the best butter chicken you can find in Malaysia. THE BEST!
p/s: most of the friends i recommended this place to said they would definately come back again.. only after their first visit!

Coming back for more value: ABSOLUTELY YES
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: MODERATE

GPS Coordinates: N3.074459,E101.586703

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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  1. Halal means ada sijil halal JAKIM posted on their wall. Pork-free means otherwise, no sijil but they dont serve pork :)

  2. but how do u know tat they dont use lard for frying? or for d sauce? d food is so tempting n i wanna go but i doubt d ingredient used, can u confirm on tis? thanks :)

  3. Rest assured, for every shop we've labeled as "Pork-free", we took the courtesy to ask the shop if they use pork, pork lard and/or pork oil in any of their cooking. And all of them have said "No". For this particular shop, their beef and chicken are Halal. They were nice enough to show me the certificates and also informed me that they get their stocks from a Malay supplier. If you'd like to confirm yourself don't hesitate to give them a call at 016-9099873. Hope this helps! :)


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