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August 8, 2011

Restoran Kudu bin Abdullah @ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

This post is a part of "Nasi Kandar Week" in accordance with Mr & Mrs Foodpacker's official launch, where we try to find out which shop serves the best nasi kandar in KL/Klang area. Click the link below to view the Top 5 and the winner of nasi kandar supremacy!

If you are talking about a nasi kandar shop that has been around for quite some time, you might be reffering to Nasi Kandar Kudu bin Abdullah. Operating since back in the days, even P Ramlee visited this shop and named it one of his favourite. Their special offering which they take pride in is their Ayam sambal bawang.

If you can't stand the sun, bring an umbrella while you're at it. The sun is  f-i-e-r-c-e  in the middle of KL. Max waiting time- 30minutes! Operational hours: 7.30am-8.30pm.

If you want privacy, this is not the place to be. Most customers eat on a shared table.  For big groups, book your seating while have others order on your behalf.

They have most of the menu items one could desire from crabs, prawns, squids, big fish, and even my fish egg was there.

Some "proof" of P Ramlee's visitation and a mark of popularity among the locals. There are more on the opposite wall. You can tell this business has been around for ages.

Fish eggs, ayam sambal bawang and daging manis(ontop). Fish eggs were enormously HUGE, ayam sambal bawang was skinny and not tender, don't see anything special there. It tasted like ayam goreng berempah. The daging manis was also not tender. Overall presentation was sloppy.

Ayam goreng, ayam sambal bawang(covered in black sauce) and bumbu. Ayam goreng tasted much better and tender. Bumbu was oily. 

Papadom is chargeable. Thank you for your patronage. ( -_-")

Sirap bandung selasih. RM3. The only thing that really surprised me in this shop. A must order if you visit. Doesn't only look good, tastes good too. Those who can't take sweet drinks, do stay clear.

Dishing it out: It got me thinking that maybe this shop survived throughout the year due to its stratergic location. There are a lot of offices nearby and for those who do not want to get into the jam during lunch hours will choose to go to this shop. After tasting Fareed Line Clear Nasi Kandar, this shop has failed to impress me. Total amount was RM29.

Coming back for more value: NO but YES for sirap bandung selasih
Cleanliness: MODERATE
Service: BAD after the long queue the mamak doesn't really take his time to listen to your order. we felt like we were being rushed. Unfriendly owner, her kindest gesture was "thank you" after we paid.

GPS Coordinates: N3.16058,E101.69724

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..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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