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August 8, 2011

Raihan Nasi Kandar @ Shah Alam

This post is a part of "Nasi Kandar Week" in accordance with Mr & Mrs Foodpacker's official launch, where we try to find out which shop serves the best nasi kandar in KL/Klang area. Click the link below to view the Top 5 and the winner of nasi kandar supremacy!

Credit to Andy Goh for additional info.

Our first nasi kandar marathon in accordance with welcoming the fasting month of Ramadhan (in 1 week time) starts of with an infamous nasi kandar shop called the Nasi Kandar Ganja aka Raihan Nasi Kandar. It is not what you think, they do not sell w*ed here. Instead, they serve bumbu (the remains of chicken marinade after being fried) together with their nasi kandar that is said to be highly addictive, thus the name ganja.

A newer and more estabilished premise. Used to only be a small shop between car workshops and food manufacturers. Located within 100meters from the old site. Operational hours: 10am-7pm on Mon-Sat. 10am-3pm on Sun.

What are nasi kandar shops without its queues. Long queue but the line moves fast. Max waiting time- 5minutes only. It would take longer to find a parking. Be warned that the level of difficulty in finding a space here is EXTREMELY HARD.

Ayam goreng berempah. First item you are presented with after the long queues, the most basic ingredient for any nasi  kandar. The small ones are what's left after all the big chicken are grabbed away. But no worries, there are big chicken just not in this picture and we got them on our plate =D

The process goes- First, they will put the curry mixture on standard set which include rice and sayur kobis without even asking which curry you prefer. Second, choose your chicken and they will chop it and put it on your plate. Third, pick any other extra items you want (from piture above) to be added to your dish (note: you got to take the bumbu yourself). Fourth, pay for your dish. Last, get your beverage from the self-service beverage counter.

This is absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. Self service beverage counter? The cashier will shout you order from the counter and whether they get the order or not is based on your luck. They didn't get mine and I had to get their attention (wasn't easy) and repeated what I want.

Ganja(the crispy bumbu on the left), sayur kacang, two ayam goreng berempah, sayur peria and sayur kobis. Ganja was too salty, so was the chicken and the curry mixture as well. everything was salty salty salty. Peria was burnt.

Ganja, sayur kobis, kacang buncis and ayam goreng berempah. The saltiness gave me a headache. Wish I had more veggie to save this disaster.

Dishing it out: I was highly dissapointed with this one, made it my first visit of all the nasi kandar shops hoping for it to taste good but I was convinced otherwise. Don't really know what was all the hype around the ganja. I have tasted a better bumbu than this one. The selection of food too is not impressive. They do not have any big fish, prawns, crabs and my favourite fish eggs (though a friend of mine says he's seen fish eggs before, maybe it was not there during my visit). No papadom sighted anywhere too. The overall saltiness leaves you no space to taste anything else on the dish. Price paid was RM23 for two person.

Coming back for more value: NO but I will give it 1 more chance and see if my next visit is as "salty" as this one.
Crowd: YES
Cleanliness: DIRTY they made my sirap bandung using tab water.. hope it's sterelized.. floors and washing area are filthy
Service: BAD

GPS Coordinates: N3.08081,E101.56112

View Raihan Nasi Kandar in a larger map

If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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  1. nice work!! hopefully we can collaborate in da future..btw, i'm a tourism student..culinary and tourism are really depending each others right? keep it up!

  2. Thank u! Still new to blogging though. Yup, culinary and tourism do come hand in hand. Hope to do well in the future, till then keep supporting us! Thanks again!

  3. saboo je lahh...meleleh air liur

  4. kasi tambah selera buka puasa dlu bro haha

  5. hey dude, funny thing is that i've been here before as it is near my working place. And i think if i'm not mistaken, i actually think i saw fish eggs served there. Well i could be wrong as im not the biggest fish egg fan. hahaha

  6. Andy ma ex-wing man! yeah dude? maybe they didnt hv it when i came. the rest pretty much accurate dude? still salty? or should i pay another visit haha

  7. spot on la bro, the 'ganja' is still salty and i thought i was the only one who feels it that way hahaha. One thing i don't like is the parking though, if you come during lunch hour you'll spend more time searching for parking than queuing up to eat haha

  8. Haha same thing happened to me bro. Had to park all the way up near the big stationary shop. Salty ganja + hot sun (walking back to the car)= headache all day. Not a good combo. LoL.Thanks for reminding me on some of the missing details man. Will update this post later!

  9. corection for u....the name nasi ganja is not because of the bumbu...they called it ganja because it is addictive....in the 80s, there was an issue where kaskas was mixed with curry...kaskas is an ingredient to make people addicted to the nasi kandar....and my recommendation to u, try the nasi kandar along jln yang kalsom, they also call it nasi ganja...for nasi kandar in penang, try nasi kandar rahim at bayan lepas....kudu, yaseen, zainul for me is just a little above average and not a very good taste nasi kandar.... :)

  10. bro. the real nasi ganja a.k.a nasi kandar ayam merah is in ipoh. you should try that. located in some old chinese kopitiam. superb bro.

  11. Went there today based on your review. Followed your coordinates but shop was not there. A passerby told me they had closed shop. His view was that the food was too expensive.


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