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August 4, 2011

Ikan Bakar Parameswara @ Pangkalan Pernu, Umbai

Looking for the freshest fish right out of sea? Look no further. Ikan Bakar Parameswara is the solution to your problem. Being the most famous shop in the Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Umbai, it has yet to fail in serving us the best ikan bakar we've ever tasted. Aside from the many fresh and big fish to choose from, they also serve prawns, squids, crabs and other sea creatures that I have yet to learn their names.

Situated deep inside Melaka, this is one not to be missed by seafood fans. Operational hours: Around 5pm onwards. Closed on Mondays.

Stacks of big fish from Siakap, Kerapu to Jenahak. If the place is packed, get a table first, then proceed to the fish counter to order and pay only after eating.

Ikan Jenahak as big as this most cost a ton in KL. You can get one big fish and as them to cut it into half to cook two different meals. But sometimes during peak hours, they do not allow half and half fish order as it will take a longer time to prepare. In that case one fish is limited to one style of cooking. How "selfish". 

The prices for each menu approximately. But don't entirely rely on them, instead as them to weigh your fish and ask how much it would cost (they have a calculator, no worries).

Condiments to go with your ikan bakar. A must have if you order plain ikan bakar.

Nasi lemak. RM0.80. Another thing this place is famous for. Small in size but packs a punch! You'll get a whole body effect after you eat this one.

Note: For the Ikan jenahak we ordered one big fish (1.4 kg) which costs us RM63. Then we told them to cook half of the fish grilled (bakar) and the other half deep fried (3 rasa)

Ikan bakar jenahak with sambal. The texture on this one is amazingly softer than the deep fried 3 rasa, but taste wise it's lacking.

Ikan jenahak masa 3 rasa. Deep fried (not bakar).The fish is really soft that it literally puffs everytime you pull out its meat. White, tender and most importantly COOKED meat.

Thick white meat and crispy skin. Very flavourful to its deepest core. *Puff* *Puff *

Lala masak halia. RM12. Just and ok dish. Compared to the fish, this has little to offer.

Butter prawn. RM22.50 for 300 grams. Prawns are medium in size. When it first came, we were confused if it was cereal prawn or butter prawn. After tasting, it surely is butter prawn but the cooking is not to perfection. We've tasted much better butter prawn before from chinese restaurants, guess for Malay cooking this is alright. =)
Ikan pari bakar. Not recommended. Burnt and overcooked. Doesn't taste good and not much meat to offer.

Kangkung masak belacan. One of the best vegetarian dish of the house. Must order. Crunchy, fresh and compliments the fish really well.

Dishing it out: The only major problem we've discovered so far is that, in our many visits to Umbai, we've ordered the ikan masak 3 rasa for at least 3 times. And everytime we did, the dish came to us with a different presentation and taste. Sometimes it tasted like chilli sauce, sometimes more to black pepper.. making the taste inconsistent. Rest assured that the softness and juiciness of the fish is always guaranteed but if you are looking for the same flavour of fish from you last visit, it is most unlikely. Price wise it is slightly overpriced but worth every single penny. RM30 per person would suffice but if you were to be really full and satisfied, RM50 per person would be the optimal amount.

Coming back for more value: YES
Crowd: YES but there are many seatings. If you come early, you'd even get a chance to dine on a boat.
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: MODERATE hard to get their attention but friendly staff

GPS Coordinates: N2.15608,E102.33625

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Tel: 012 3152 301 / 06 2617 943

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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