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January 15, 2012

Bubur Berlauk Kampung Baru / KB Tomyam & Seafood @ Kampung Baru

Nobody wants to get in the mess of Kg Baru. The roads are small, there are many one way streets, simply too many cars and the parking is OMG unbelievably hard to find! But one can do so much to avoid all the tasty treats this infamous location has to offer. From all the tomyam restaurants available in Kg Baru, this particular one is known for their Bubur Berlauk aka Porridge with condiments. (if you tried to search for one, you'll know how hard it is to find for a shop which sells this item)

Note: Price is mention as an overall from the visit

The easiest place you could find a parking is a RM5 pay park located nearby at the same side of the road as this shop. Find for the "Parking RM5" sign. Operational hours: 12pm - 1am

The easiest way to identify the shop is to find a blue signboard above and array of "lauk" that is facing the street. The staffs were very humble and friendly when we asked if we could take pictures of the shop. Can I say Southern hospitality? ;)

Click picture to enlarge. Choose choose choose! Anything is up for grabs! Some required to be cooked and fried in the kitchen while others are just cut and served the way they are. Cooking only takes a little while around 5 minutes or so.

Bubur. Unlike bubur from other shops (Suraya Seafood etc) this one has texture and not too watery. It is a little thick and tastes good. Safe to say you won't feel like eating rice with water.

Kailan ikan masin with oyster mushroom. My favourite lauk to go with bubur! Think it looks good? Wait till  you taste it. The mushroom definitely gives a good touch to the dish.

A mixture of 2 types of sotong kering, daging salai and ikan masin. The sotong kering was not that good and we were unable to finish it. The rest tasted great.

Mixture of ikan bilis cili api, lobak manis, daging manis and paru berlada. Love the daging manis the most! IMHO the best lauk to go with the bubur! Sweet tender awesomness. The lobak was nice too.

All the condiments in one bowl. Time to feast!

Dishing it out: So far the best restaurant to find bubur berlauk. Everything blends well as a dish and it was simply tasty. The total damage for all the items above (2 bubur) plus 1 juice and 1 ice lemon tea = RM19.50 I think it a small sum to pay for what you are going to eat. This is Malay cooking to the roots, "kampung" style =)

Coming back for more value: YES
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: MODERATE
Service: VERY GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.16220,E101.70392

View KB Tomyam & Seafood in a larger map

If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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