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February 5, 2012

Mantra Restaurant and Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

Long have we known this under-rated shop in the midst of all the culinary potential in Sunway Pyramid. It has been there for quite a while, even since before the new wings were opened in the mall. Blessed with a good view overlooking the whole of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, this shop has an exotic range of Indian cuisines to offer local and foreign visitor. We have never failed to see 1 or 2 groups of Arabics in the restaurant. The major contributor could be because of its strategic location which is right infront of Sunway Hotel's - Sunway Pyramid entrance.

The last-through-the-test-of-time entrance. You can view the artificial ice ring below from here. Operational hours:10am to 10pm daily.

Creamsicle orange juice with ice cream and whipped cream. RM11.90. As good as it sounds, it is nothing compared to the meal you're going to have! The meals are more of a highlight to the restaurant than their drinks.

Naan ki tokri bread basket. RM16. A combo of mixed naan: plain, butter, cheese and garlic. The naan breads were soft when it first came, but like every other normal naan, it is advisable to consume them right away because as time goes by the thickness of the bread will slowly overcome its softness. Personally, we prefer to have cheese + garlic naan in most restaurants we go to.

Tandoori murg half set. RM16.90. Full set RM28.90. Sweet tender tandoori meat! A must have when you go to any mamak stall. In this case, we just had to compare how different the "high end" tandoori taste like. Well, it's pretty much the same =P but the quality can be assured in this one! Everything was well cook and even when sometimes the thickness of the naan bread starts to kick in, the tenderness of these chicken are there to save the day. The freshly cut onions were delightful as well!
Kang kung belachan. RM9.90. Not sure if the foreigners would eat these. But im pretty sure an real Malaysian would! Don't worry, despite its name, it is not spicy at all. A good fresh green to go with rice. Our No. 1 recommended dish!

Cashewnut chilli chicken. RM18.90. THE BEST MEAL OF THIS SHOP and our No. 2 recommended dish! Believe me when we say that, we are not exaggerating! Not only the mixture of colorful vegetables makes this meal very pleasing to the eyes, it is indeed very tasty! Mr Foodpacker could still remember the first time he tried this and the few days that follow when he craved to come back to this restaurant to have another taste. Only set back is, it comes in a pretty small potion and the cashewnuts seem to run out faster than the chicken each time! :(
Garlic tiger prawn. RM29.90. Small to medium sized prawns that goes very well with garlic (there are small cuts of it in the dish) We order them each time we visit the restaurant. Goes very well with rice but if you are going for value for money, you might want to reconsider this.

Steamed seabass. RM39.90. No. 3 recommended dish! How can you refuse entry of such a beautiful thing into your mouth? ;) This was a big fish with a lot of white meat! But the secret to success of this dish is mainly its sauce. A little bit spicy and a tad sour + sweet which moists and flavours the rice you eat it with very well. You will not find any balance of remaining sauce once you are done with this dish!
Dishing it out: Undeniably we have many dishes to recommend from this shop. (We've come back to this shop again and again to order the same thing too!) Not only the eating environment is cozy, the food is great and you will have the privacy you seek when eating. There aren't to many visitors in this shop, the most we've seen was 5-6 groups of people. A perfect situation for you to roam around the shop especially when it offers you a very good view of Sunway Pyramid. Be sure to give their cashewnut chicken a try, you won't regret it =D
p/s: We've also tried and like their butter chicken and mango sticky rice very much. Will try to get their pictures up after our next visit.

Coming back for more value: ABSOLUTELY YES and maybe try a different dish next time, such as their briyani rice and banana leaf rice
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.07236,E101.606947

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Tel: 03 7492 0488

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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