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March 6, 2012

Me'nate Steak House / Hub @ Ampang

We first got to know of this shop from a friend. At that time, we were discussing the topic of "Where is the best wagyu beef you've tasted".. Not because we are avid fans of wagyu beef, sincerely the only ones we've tasted before was both from Tony Romas: Wagyu beef burger (RM50+/-) and Wagyu steak (RM120+/-). Being a prime/expensive type of steak (which recently became famous over the past year) we only had a few 'opportunity' to taste it.. Specifically speaking, Mrs Foodpacker's monthly get-salary-treat-bf meals! haha XD and this is one of those meals.. at the "House of Wagyu", Me'nate Steak House!

A Western speciality restaurant (steaks nonetheless!) run by Malay. Odd indeed, but let's see how they fair up ;) Operational hours: to 10.30pm

The open aired inside seatings. From hard wood chairs to plastics. A simple concept which makes you feel like you'll be dining fresh meat straight from the farm!

One of the best properties if this restaurant.. free flow drinks! The hot Milo is absolutely delicious after a heavy meal..

Freezers which store all the fresh meat! Here is where you can survey the types of meat that you want they have. Not all parts of meat seen in the menu is necessarily in stock for you (subject to availability) thus it is best to choose you meat first before you even sit down to take a look at the menu. Specify how you'd like them to be cooked or you can ask the staff for the recommended level of cooking for each type/part of meat.

Another reason NOT to go through their menu first before you survey their freezer is because.. the prices stated in the menu are per 100grams, slightly giving you the illusion and hope that your steak's going to cost cheap! Imagine how Mr Foodpacker's face was when they slammed this RM179.40 piece of meat on the table! HAHA (this particular meat was Wagyu beef which in the menu ranges around RM20-RM65 max per 100 grams depending on parts)
**Queue in sad song for Mrs Foodpacker's purse**

Wagyu tenderloin (bottom) striploin (top). Ranges from  RM100 to RM200 for striploin and RM130 to RM200 for tenderloin. The best Wagyu comes from tenderloin, hence the price. Pricing from most expensive to least: Tenderloin>Ribeye>Striploin>Sub-primal>Non-primal

Angus ribeye. Ranges from RM70 to RM100. They said that the tenderloin is normally not available for Angus.Pricing from most expensive to least: Tenderloin>Ribeye>Striploin>Sub-primal>Non-primal

Grass fed ribeye. Ranges from RM40 to RM60. Pricing from most expensive to least (grain fed): Tenderloin>RIbeye>Striploin>T-Bone>O.P.Ribs>Sub-primal>Non-primal

Grain fed ribeye (not in picture) ranges from RM40 to RM70.Pricing from most expensive to least (grass fed): Tenderloin>Ribeye>Striploin

Lamb rack and lamb loin. Ranges from RM30 to RM70. Pricing from most expensive to least: Rack>Leg>Loin>Shoulder>Ribs>Shank>Neck

These were what we chose out of the many. Though they might be a dime in a dozen, they are still a dime each ;)
Angus ribeye. RM70.20
Wagyu tenderloin. RM133.90
Lamb rack. RM49.90

The degree of cooking provided by the shop. Injecting a bit sense of humour into the menu. Reff: Well Done. We're guessing they are not  such big fans (which is exactly how most Malaysian like it =P)

Mashed potatoes. FOC. Comes with the dish. 1 steak = 2 scoops of mashed potatoes. If you ordered a big platter (all steaks served on a single plate) this is the amount of mashed you get! Yummy indeed, cute small scoops of potatoes that go effortlessly into your mouth. First item that we instantly finished on the table!

Beef Aglio Olio. RM18.80. Not your ordinary aglio olio pasta.. It is a VERY BEEFY pasta. We immediately wanted to order another one of this after we finished it! (But we decided not to as to save space for the other meals =P) If you are looking  for an authentic olio pasta that sticks close to the Italian roots, this is not the one. But if you are looking for something that suits more to the Malaysian tongue.. this is definitely an excellent fusion! Minced meat was used instead of bacon in this one.

Lamb rack (left): Medium well
Angus ribeye (middle/top): Medium
Wagyu tenderloin (right): Medium
All cooking degrees were chosen based on staff recommendation.
They should know best how to cook their own meat!

Wagyu tenderloin. RM133.90. 

Angus ribeye. RM70.20.

Lamb rack. RM49.90.
Probably not the best part of lamb to order. This one had many small and long inedible tendons.

Some black pepper gravy to go with the steak.. served warm on goes well with any steak. 

A cut from Wagyu tenderloin. You thought that the more expensive meat has the better taste? haha this one had a better texture than Angus. Which is what wagyu is known for anyway, high quality soft meat. Taste wise?

A cut from Angus ribeye. Simply tasted better than Wagyu! but lacking in texture. The heavily covered marinade might be the source of flavour.
NOTE: Based on our visit, and their style of cooking. It is safe to say, MEDIUM WELL is the best way to go on any steak. Trust us.. unless you are an steak eating expert, medium well is the most optimal level of softness and hardness inside out (that is edible, with no traces of blood)

And just in case if you ever think of running away from the shop without paying    

Dishing it out: At this restaurant you can eat every part of a meat on every type of meat you can possibly think of! But it is best to only stick to their steaks as we found their lamb to be quite normal. Service is fast, meals arrived only in 5-10 minutes after ordering! Which left us wondering the type of technology they have back in the kitchen that can cook a steak that fast! Though for the price we are paying for, the management should put in more effort to provide the customers with a better eating environment (we hardly think they can't afford it) This restaurant also serves as a grocey where one can buy meat at 30% the displayed price (minus cooking labour) Aside from steaks and ribs, they also sells sausages, bacon and much more.

On the downside, we would say that the dishes in this shop are HEAVILY priced. Which is pretty weird considering the fact that all the meat comes from their own farm and that should have been enough to bring down the cost to a considerable amount. Always pays to bring a big bag of cash when you dine here, because you can never expect how high the prices can fly up to. Or you can always opt for Tony Romas, a world renowned franchise which sells Wagyu steak at only RM120 =P

Coming back for more value: MAYBE for Beef aglio olio
Crowd: NO
Cleanliness: CLEAN
Service: GOOD

GPS Coordinates: N3.160795,E101.758692

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If you'd like to know the COMPLETE ADDRESS of the restaurant, please click on the "Location" tab below. (After Facebook comments and right before Blogger comments, its in between!)

Tel: 03 4251 3460

..and that's our "DISH" of the day!!!!!
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  1. I came across your blogpage and found this review on Me'nate. I liked your review and agree with many points you made.

    On your comments about the price of the meats, yes in comparison to other 'big name' restaurants the price may seem a little high for what you think you're getting, but actually, you are getting better quality meat. The farm is family run farm and the animals are reared with quality feed and little to no antibiotic intervention. Basically it's as close to organic meat you can get (but it's not organic). In addition all the meat once slaughtered is not sent to the table to be served straight away. All of them go through a 'drying' process where it is hanged to let the blood drain out, I think its 7 days for beef and 3 weeks for lamb). This means the meat has less cholesterol and should have a better taste (like you experienced). The longer the meat is left to hang the better. Me'nate sell beef that has been hung up to dry for 90+ days.. you can imagine the price for that particular beef!

    Anyway, I just wanted to reply on your comment regarding the price. Yes you can get less expensive meat in another steakhouse, but is the quality better. Do you know where the meat comes from? As you guys are big foodies and have lots of followers please look into the restaurants background more and their food responsibilities to consumers!

  2. Hi Abu & Dila,

    thanks for posting as I was trying to revisit the place and needed some
    recent reviews. The pix really made me hungry :)
    Anyway, you posted that the grocery was 30% of displayed price, or is it
    30% off displayed price? If it was the former than I am most definitely
    encouraged to make a visit really soon!
    I went there twice before a longg time ago but the wagyu dishes are still
    fondly remembered. Its sooo nice and I think that the wagyu price is still
    pretty decent and worth it... and erm, I like mine bloody :) yum!

  3. The best part is..the Chef experience is more than 30 years working with Queen Elizebeth UK... For me...the price and the quality of the food is cheap compare to others...


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